digiiTeamW Collaboration and Task Management Software

digiiTeamW - Collaboration and Task Management Software

digiiTeamW - Collaboration and Task Management Software

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Last updated on 01/09/2021

What is digiiTeamW

Based on the different features in affairs, each company has various methods to manage its strategies. There are many theories of strategic management for companies to apply for distinguished departments such as OKR, KPI, Project Management, or Task. Realizing and encountering the diversity in partners’ demand, OOC dedicatedly perceived this significant desire that, from managers’ point of view, they need an overall tracking performance software. That fuel drives OOC to create and develop digiiTeamW Collaboration and Task Management software which can become an immense replenishment for managers. 

digiiTeamW - Collaboration and Task Management Software

digiiTeamW – Collaboration and Task Management Software

digiTeamW is an all-in-one software that tracks and evaluates the effectiveness of working performance allowing managers to apply various indicators or results. By multipurpose software, there is no need for supplying managing subsystems for sober usage while managers can fasten the connection and optimize for the best and vital purposes. 

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Why enterprises should use digiiTeamW software


This is an all-in-one software that allows enterprises to apply different methods depending on their needs. This is the most outstanding feature of digiiTeamW compared to other ones in which none of the distinguished OKR, KPI software can offer more than one choice. However, digiiTeamW can bring 4 different types of performance measurements into one software. It is precious in the case that companies can flex to combine particular strategic measurements for different departments. For example, it is worth using the KPI method to measure the performance of the sales department but it seems unsuitable if managers rigidly apply it as the formula for the marketing department. digiiTeamW was launched to solve this issue that no other software can satisfy. 


There are no differences or estrangements when using digiiTeamW in the process managers and their staff becomes familiar with its function and operation compared to their old software. Moreover, it centers on the customer’s experiences fostering a comfortable and convenient feeling. 

On track with progression 

Dashboard of digiiTeamW comprises a series of statistics and analysis virtual reports that keep managers on track of progression. Through the in-depth reporting dashboard, managers can regularly update information about goal completion, best active staff in an overall observation.  It also can provide managers a prediction for future achievement and reflection of results from a large scale from corporation to individual goals.  

Dashboard của phần mềm Quản lý công việc và cộng tác digiiTeamw


The software also supports fluency in communication which creates a smooth and transparent workflow. Managing affairs smartly and scientifically currently becomes effortless with digiiTeamW. By applying it, there is no overlapping while managers can assign to the appropriate subjects with sufficient and effective amount of workload. In short, it can speed up the process of achieving goals while creating synergistic benefits from the smooth coordination among departments.


Managers can assign and control task completion, goals, and key results with ease. Managers can reasonably assign tasks to employees based on workload reports. Therefore, it ensures avoiding overloading or idleness that will happen at some stage. At the same time, relevant employees can report directly on the achievement right on the software. The managers with the highest level of authority can update the completion level and directly evaluate the quality of those goals. It also is a good way to figure out the weakness or obstacles in the working process. 


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