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Guest Post in Online Marketing and 3 ways to build effective Guest Post

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Guest Posts in Online Marketing is now a concern among SEOers as it is one of the most effective link building strategies. So what is a Guest Post and what can it bring to your website? How to build an efficient Guest Post in order to make use of it? All will be explained in the article below.

What is Guest Post?

Guest Post or Guest Posting is a post by another website. Specifically, if you use Guest Post, your post will be posted in other cooperators’ websites, blogs, etc. This can help build connections to your website so that it can advertise the service, author and brand that you want to deliver. 

Uploading posts in other websites and blogs which have a high amount of interaction help to improve trustworthiness and boost the rank of the main website. Consequently, it means that you have to invest in the post’s quality so that it meets the criteria of a standard SEO post. 

Benefits of a Guest Post

Guest Post strategy in Online Marketing is popular among Affiliate or SEOers who want to build brand name and service. Let’s name the advantages that Guest Post can bring! 

Improve SEO efficiency

It is obvious that backlink is a crucial factor in improving a website’s ranking in search engines, especially Google. As a result, Guest Post is an appropriate tool for a qualified backlink. It is because when you upload content in a website or blog of partners, they will allow you to attach a link to your main website. 

However, in order to take advantage of Guest Post in improving website ranking, you need to have a deep understanding of the partners’ website or blog. It should have a high reputation and a high amount of traffic. Besides, a website that is related to your content and theme will be a critical component to build a stable backlink strategy, which is a crucial factor in SEO Off-page.

Easy to reach potential customers

If your content is uploaded in reputable websites and blogs, there will be more people seeing your posts. Thanks to backlink in Guest Post, you are able to attract a number of potential customers to your main website. 

Build and strengthen relationships

Similar to Facebook, which has several groups providing a sales platform, Guest Post also requires a community to support each other. Especially, if you desire to build a personal blog and make money from it, it is suggested to learn about Guest Post from other professional bloggers. 

How to build qualified Guest Posts

Guest Post brings many benefits to online marketing strategy, but do you know how to build an effective Guest Post? The most four popular  ways to build Guest Post is listed below:

Build your own Guest Post system

This method is popular among experienced SEOers. It is because building a Guest Post is similar to building a main website. The new website should have all components of a basic website such as diverse content, informative knowledge, user friendly, etc. 

You do not only have quality backlink from Guest Posts but you also can earn money from selling backlink or exchanging with other partners. 

Pros: You can control the whole system on your own and make full use of the system to sell products or sell Guest Posts if needed.

Cons: It takes time and money to build a standard Guest Post system. 

Exchange Guest Posts with other websites

When the first method is quite difficult for newbies, the second way is a bit easier. You can exchange Guest Posts with friends, partners and of course, this is beneficial for both sides.

Let’s imagine that website A needs Guest Posts, and website B has similar demand, so it is good for two websites to exchange backlink. 

Pros: You can freely exchange Guest Posts with others without spending a huge amount of money or time.

Cons: You need to carefully check the reputation of the exchange website, which means that the exchange website needs to have equal or higher amount of traffic than your website. 

Outsource Guest Post service 

This is the most suggested way of applying Guest Post if you want a qualified link in the Money Site. Instead of making effort to build a system from the beginning, you can find a Guest Post service that can help you create an effective backlink. 

Pros: You can have standard Guest Post from the beginning with just a small amount of money.

Cons: You have to depend on others and it can cost a lot of money in long term.

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