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Human Resources Management Software

Human Resources Management Software

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Last updated on 04/09/2021

An overview of  digiiHRcore – HR Management Software 

Personnel records are extremely crucial data in human resource management; moreover, HR management software is becoming an essential element to improve the efficiency of human resources in the field of human resource management. With OCD’s 20-year experience in management consulting, we understand the difficulties of enterprises in human resource management. The need to optimize the management of personnel records and operational processes as well as the implementation of human resource procedures is extremely high. However, manual management methods or inefficient use of software have created a lot of obstacles.

OOC’s Human Resource Management Software – digiiHRcore – was created with a friendly and easy-to-use interface to provide an effective tool for enterprises in human resource management. This is also a tool to help businesses to digitize all HR documents in the process of digital transformation, in which HR data is synchronized. HR data is increasingly enriched, playing an important role in human resource analysis and human resource strategy building.

Main features of digiiHRcore – Human Resource Management Software 

Personnel Data Management

  • Updating, storing, searching and accessing personnel data (e.g. personal information, financial information, etc.).
  • Synchronize data and scans of personnel records on the same software to increase the efficiency in storing and retrieving.
  • Monitoring HR processes (e.g. working process, appointment, promotion, labor contract, training, salary adjustments, etc.).

digiiHRcore – HR Management Software – Personnel File

File Management

  • Storing documents, records, notifications, decisions related to personnel.

HR procedures

  • Conducting HR procedures (e.g. creating labor contracts, transfer/appointment, etc.).
  • Analyzing basic indexes, creating reports to divisions/ internal departments

digiiHRcore – HR Management Software – HR Procedures

HR policy management

  • Creating a personnel policy, including information about the people affected by the policy, the policy’s validity period, and how the formulas in the policy are calculated.
  • Managing, storing, searching HR policy versions in the form of formulas, objects and validity periods. 
  • Some typical policies: salary policy, allowance policy, holiday policy, etc,

Timekeeping data management and performance evaluation

  • Getting data on attendance and achievements by integrating with other softwares such as production management, CRM, DMS, project management or other modules of digiiHR.
  • Applying data to salary, bonus and performance calculations.

digiiHRcore – HR Management Software – Timekeeping

Working hours and leave of absence management 

  • Registering shift, working hours.
  • Tracking and managing employees’ leave.
  • Leave fund management.

digiiHRcore – HR Management Software – Working Hours Management

Automatic Reports

  • The HR analysis reporting system is automatic, intuitive, easy to adjust, capable of assisting management activities and using appropriate human resources.
  • Strict warning system following the law.

By and large, digiiHRcore allows extracting personnel data following different criterias based on users’ requirements in different forms, and is easy for the users to export Excel or PDF files, etc. for storing and signing. With the application of cloud computing, digiiHRcore aids businesses in managing employees effectively anywhere and anytime. 


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