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Employee Experience: Enhancing with digiiHR

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Improving employee experience is now one of the most essential, if not the most important, factors in a successful business. But why is that? Employee experience plays a significant part in improving employee satisfaction, motivating employees to work harder, and attracting and keeping talents, since they have the potential to alter a company’s outcome and image. As a result, organizations are attempting to identify the best methods to enhance it, and technology, with its precision, speed, and simplicity, is the finest tool available. Therefore, let’s look at how OOC’s digiiHR Human Resources Software (digiiHRCore, digiiPortal, digiiCAT) will assist improve employee satisfaction.

As in the previous post regarding employee experience, we have included these key points relating to it:

Factors affecting employee experience

1. Culture

Here, culture refers to both corporate and individual cultures. When people work at a company, they experience and see the corporate culture. This is compounded by the fact that each organization has its unique culture. As a result, it is critical to ensure that employees are compatible with the company’s culture in order to avoid unfavourable results. When it comes to people’s cultures, it’s much more problematic for an international firm’s employee experience because everyone comes from a different nation, was raised in their own manner, and has their own traditions.

Improve employee experience: 3 Factors affecting the employee experience
Improving employee experience: 3 Factors affecting the employee experience

2. Workspace

Consider the difference between working for 7 hours in an old basement with no air conditioning, lights, or refreshments and working for the same length of time in a well-organized office building with everything you need for a well-rounded workstation. Which option do you prefer? Employees will be able to focus better, be more productive, and minimize stress if they work in a pleasant environment. As a consequence, both the employees and the firm will profit. Employees will have a better working experience, and the firm will earn more money.

3. Technological Environment

With the rapid advancement of technology in recent years, technology is without a doubt an element that must be present in the workplace for its benefits and purposes. When a business invests in the correct equipment for the work, it benefits both the employees and the organization. Employees will benefit from these technologies since they will reduce effort and increase efficiency. At the same time, because the work would be decreased, the company’s goal will be met sooner, and more time will be available to develop new projects.

How does digiiHR improve the employee experience? 

digiiHR Tech-Ecosystem assist businesses in improving employee experience
digiiHR Tech-Ecosystem assist businesses in improving employee experience

1. digiiHRCore—Human Resource Management Software Platform

digiiHRCore is a useful tool for gathering and organizing a company’s personal information and documentation. More information relating to the product can be read here. When running a huge firm, keeping up with all the company’s information is just simply impossible. This can be seen in companies which still collecting information with papers and they would spend the whole day just looking for the documents of their staff. Although some might argue that Microsoft Excel is already good enough with the functions they are offering, however, when it comes to creating a report of an employee based on the information on Excel or updating the employee’s information, everything needs to be done manually and it would be very time taking and tedious for the workers. This issue is particularly dangerous since it may negatively impact the employee experience, hence digiiHRCore was intended to help you prevent it.

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Simplifying the Work

When you use digiiHRCore, you’ll get an Excel form with all the information a company requires from an employee, like name, age, gender, degree, position, and so on. The company only has to upload the form to the program after the user has completed it, and all of the information will be provided in a clear and easy-to-read style. When it comes to upgrading the information, all you have to do is go to the software’s edit button and type in the new information without having to start again.

Building the Employee Experience Journey and Understanding Cultures

As previously said, culture has a significant influence on employee experience. With all of the data recorded in digiiHRCore, businesses will be able to rely on it and understand the culture of every employee. Businesses may identify the touchpoints of an employee experience journey, which is a six-stage process that includes recruiting, integration, development, retention, and exit for their employees, based on those aspects. Managers must outline in detail the processes, experiences, interactions, and relationships that the company wants to achieve at these touchpoints. As a result, both the companies and their employees will be able to optimize their production while also providing the greatest possible employee experience.

2. digiiPortal—Employee Portal Software

It is hard to know, recall, and interact with every single person in a huge worldwide business. Although some may argue that employers may communicate with their employees through managers, when information is passed down through word of mouth, there is a very good probability that it will be inaccurate. As a result, there is no room for ambiguity between the two, which might lead to serious unintended consequences. If this problem is not addressed, it will have an impact on not just the work experience, but also revenue, staff retention, and so on. As a result, digiiPortal was designed to address these issues.

Function of digiiPortal—How Can It Help?

As previously said, digiiPortal is a company’s communication site. Workers may update information regarding job descriptions, competency criteria, and personal KPIs on the portal. The executives will be able to give the appropriate job to the appropriate individual based on this information. There is also a messaging tool, which allows employees to directly interact with their superiors if they are having problems at work.

Cổng thông tin nhân sự digiiPortal

Listening and Checking in With the Staffs

Employee satisfaction surveys are one of digiiPortal’s most useful features for boosting employee experience. Businesses need to conduct employee’s surveys more regularly to measure their experience. Firms may use this feature to check in on their employees on a regular basis, listen to what they have to say, and invest in the working environment based on their suggestions. Additionally, digiiPortal may greatly improve the employee experience by instilling a sense of belonging, respect, and inclusion.

3. digiiCAT—Competency Assessment Software

digiiCAT, competency assessment software developed by OOC, is intended for monitoring and assessing staff capability in accordance with a competency framework. Employee performance is one of the most essential elements that employers consider since they want to know how much they’ve contributed to the organization and whether they’re a good fit for it. As a result, OOC has developed digiiCAT, a 9-box grid employee evaluation tool that will highlight employees’ performance and potential in order to avoid this problem.

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Eliminating biased judgement

A subset of the data from digiiCAT may also be utilized to determine the amount of wages to be paid to workers. This is because, since the employee joined the firm, all of his or her reports have been accurate and saved on the platform. As a result, the company may assess the employee’s progress and contribution before deciding on a salary. With this, digiiCAT can help to minimize disagreements among employees because each member’s statistics are verified and non-biased.

Hướng dẫn xây dựng từ điển năng lực trên phần mềm đánh giá năng lực digiiCAT
Eliminating bias judgement while supporting and training the employees are what digiiCAT confidently offer.

Supporting and Training the Employees

After using digiiHRCore and digiiPortal to enhance employee experience, digiiCAT can help to see the progress and standard of each and every staff member. If an employee appears to be struggling a bit, companies may utilize digiiPortal’s employee satisfaction survey to engage with and support the employee with his or her problem.  As for members that are fitting well in the company, firms can base on the report provided by digiiCAT and invest in programs that will appeal to the workers the most. As a result, they’ll be able to venture beyond of their comfort zone and have a truly memorable employee experience.

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