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Last updated on 16/05/2023

OOC Technology Solutions JSC is the provider of business management system, known as digiiMS. ()

OOC digiiMS is a product of experienced consultants from OCD Management Consulting. OCD is a consulting firm with 18 years of experience providing high quality management consulting services to companies in Vietnam.

OCD deployed the U.S most updated management methodology into the consulting projects to its clients. Therefore, it can be said that digiiMS by OOC has an U.S DNA or core inside the software. The methodologies include BSC-KPI from Kaplan, Value Chain from Michael Porter, Competency Framework from Harvard and so on.

In addition, other modules such CRM, BI, Task Management are other puzzles of digiiMS to make it a powerful business management software. digiiMS can easily integrates with other core modules of clients such as Production, Distribution, Supply Chain, and Accounting to become a total digital solutions.

digiiMS includes, but not limits to the following modules:

digiiHR (Human Resource Management or HR Software)

The HR Software, named as digiiHR, integrates different digiiMS modules within it, to be come a the most comprehensive HRM software in Viet nam. It covers consist of Organization Structure, Job Description or JDs, HR Information and HR Profile, Competency Framework, Balanced ScoreCards and KPI, C&B System, HR Portal, Training and Development, Recruitment and so on.

digiiHRCore (Human Resource Information or HRIS Software)

This HRIS Module, can be a standalone software or work as a basic but important module within the digiiHR. HIRS helps companies to store, organize and management all of it staff information, including personal information, contracts, past and current working records. HRIS can integrates with other modules of digiiHR or digiiMS to collect and store current staff working and performance information.

digiiHRI human resource information management software

Human Resource Information Module

digiiOST (Organizational Structure)

digiiOST is a module which helps companies to develop its organizational structure. It uses tools such as value chain, company functional matrix, departmental functional matrix and from that, to generate the job descriptions or JDs automatically.

digiiCAT (Competency Assessment)

digiiCAT helps companies to apply competency-based HRM by creating competency dictionary and framework, assessment batches and then, conducting competency assessment. The result of competency assessment is presented into graphical reports which helps HR managers to create HR and Training Plan. HR can use the results of competency assessment for salary calculation as well.

digiiTeamW (KPI or OKR Software)

Most HR managers consider KPI as a tool for HR performance evaluation. However, from the strategic point of view, KPI is a tool for strategy implementation, as the KPI indicators was generated from strategic maps. digiiKPI is a strategic KPI software which support all processes from creating the strategic maps, company goals, objectives and measures, functional and personal objectives and indicators. digiiKPI also integrates with other operational software such as CRM, DMS, Production, Accounting to collect operational data for calculating KPIs at all levels.

Then, HR uses functional and personal performance indicators (or personal KPIs) for performance evaluation.

KPI Dashboard

KPI Dashboard – digiiKPI

digiiC&B (Compensation & Benefits or C&B Software)

digiiC&B or C&B Software helps develop C&B regulations and translate them into formula for calculation automation. The C&B Software collect personal information, working information, as well as performance information. Then it puts all the information into formula to calculate the salary, allowance and benefits applied to each employees. C&B Software also help to calculate the Salary Budget to used for next term plan.

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